11/9/2017 – 8:24AM Update

IT worked on Outlook all night and at this time, we are unable to use Outlook as we are accustomed too.  The best solution available was to get everyone the ability to be up and running ASAP. However, this will mean that you will need to access a few different locations to get the emails you are used to seeing.


The cutoff yesterday was around 4:30pm EST… For most of us, any emails that you need to access from before that time should be available in your normal Outlook icon… From the normal Outlook icon – you will only be able to view old emails / calendar invites etc. and will not be able to send new information.


For new emails – You have two options:

  1. Use the Mimecast feature as directed below.
    • BACKGROUND: Mimecast is a monthly service that we pay for that helps filter our emails.  When any email is sent to a @statewidemortgage address – that email first goes to Mimecast, and Mimecast then releases it to your normal Outlook icon.
    • During the initial outrage, we wanted to point you directly to Mimecast because that is a “holding tank” of emails from the past 30 days.
    • Since the Outlook icon isn’t working on your computer – Mimecast is Unable to “Push” those messages down to your icon.
    • What we did last night is create an entire new location (specific to you) for Mimecast to now push these messages to..  That new location is:

2. Go to www.portal.office.com

  • Type in your normal @statewidemortgage.com email address
  • Your Password will be sent to you via text message
  • Once in, you will be able to send / receive new  emails from this browser


11/8/2017 – 11:46PM Udpate


Around 4:30 this afternoon we experienced some trouble with Outlook and have been working to get it resolved.  At this time, we need to put a contingency plan in place assuming this isn’t resolved by Thursday morning.

Instructions for contingency plan:

  1. Please go to www.mimecast.com and click the login button in the top right corner.
  2. Click “Access To My Email”
  3. Type in your Statewide Mortgage email address – click next
  4. Keep the middle drop down as “DOMAIN”
  5. Type in your email password (for most of you, this will be the same as the password that allows you to login to your SWM computer).
  6. You should now be logged into Mimecast emails.


From Mimecast – you should be able to send, receive emails as you normally would… However, the emails will only be in your browser (think of the internet screen like Chrome/Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari) and will not transfer to the Outlook icon on your desktop as we are used to.


We will be updating this page as we know more.  In the meantime, please fill out the information below so we can have your information on file and can send updates via text / alternate email as needed in the future.


Thank you.




If you need help logging into Mimecast or are have other email issues, please contact someone below who may be able to help.

Bill  (IT) – 502-299-2455

Derek – 502-426-1370

Margaret – 502-400-6100

Need Help? Call Today
1 (800) 390-5525