It's time to break up with your landlord.

Things to consider:


Your landlord is making money

Generally, landlords set rental prices so they will be making 5% to 10% profit on your monthly rent payments.  Are you ready to stop paying your landords mortgage?


Rent is increasing

Oregon and California are the only states that have universal rent control laws.  The Federal Reserve is forecasting rental price increases between 5.8% and 8.4% in 2023. Ready to own a home with a fixed rate?


Ownership is possible

Last year alone, we helped almost 800 families breakup with their landlord.   Since our inception we have helped more than 10,000 families drop their landlord and enjoy the benefit of ownership.  Are you ready to be the next one?

Who we are

We are Statewide Mortgage. Our mission is to get you the home of your dreams at a rate more competitive than you will find at national banks or online retailers. We are a local lender giving you more options against big banks and nationally known mortgage companies. We like to say "If your mortgage company can afford a super bowl commercial - you are probably paying too much".

Is it time to drop your landlord?

Every client deserves the best

At Statewide Mortgage we believe we can get you the best loan to fit your needs. Big Banks carry a lot of overhead and pass that expense to you through higher rates and fees. Not us. We do mortgages and it's that simple. National Online Mortgage companies spend millions of dollars on super bowl advertising and IT infrastructure. By outsourcing IT, we are able to offer the same secure online experience but at a fraction of the cost. With keeping our costs lower - we are able to pass this savings onto you.

Is Ownership Possible?
Yes!  Former clients Rent vs Own payments are below.

  • Rent $1,020 Own $1,480

Ready to start?

What others are saying:

  • Wonderful experience with Statewide Mortgage! My husband and I have worked with Missy Blanford to buy two homes. She walked us through the process on our first home and helped us navigate the requirements of our second home. We found that Statewide Mortgage offered us a better deal than anywhere else we looked! So happy that our realtor recommended Statewide to us!

    John Smith

  • We used Statewide Mortgage in LaGrange, and we could not have been happier! The process was so smooth, and Anna, our mortgage officer, was incredible for each and every step along the way. She was so responsive and helpful in everything we needed. I will tell any and everyone I know who is in need of mortgage financing that they need to go with Statewide! Hands down the best of the best.

    John Smith

  • Donnie and his team were awesome! He did our initial loan 4 years ago. We loved working with him so much, we came back to refinance our home! He explained the process well and made it painless for us. Highly recommend

    John Smith

  • Statewide Mortgage allowed us to purchase the home of our dreams. We had no idea this type of home was even within our reach. Not only did they show us that it was, the process was very simple from start to finish. Responsiveness was excellent and the whole team could not have provided a better experience. Statewide Mortgage will be our forever top choice (but I'm not moving for a VERY LONG time). Thanks so much Statewide Mortgage!

    John Smith

  • Had a great experience with Statewide Mortgage! Closing happened more quickly than expected. Dawn was an absolute pleasure to work with, and very knowledgeable when it came to any questions I had- she anticipated any issues way ahead of time and took care of them immediately. Would definitely recommend friends and family to go with Statewide.

    John Smith